DFDS Seaways… Thank you!!!!!

ImageThanks to the amazing support from DFDS seaways we made it across the channel safely and comfortably.  Thank you so much for the cabin on our return journey and the help of Stéphanie for helping make it all possible.  



Thank you Aquapax and Feedback Event Cuisine!!!!!!!!!


Another massive thank you to Aquapax for donating an incredible amount of water for us to take on our journey.  It gave us the security of mind when in the middle of nowhere with no shops around for miles that George and Mike would always have access to water.   

And Feedback Events Cuisine who supplied George and Mike with multiple shorts, t-shirts and waterproof lightweight jackets to run in.  Not only did it have the Action Against Cancer logo on the back but it also had high visibility strips across all items which was very important for when they were running in low visibility conditions on high risk road.  


So again a huge thank you for all your support and donations to help George and Mike complete Run2Paris.


Thank you Oscar’s Den!!!!



Huge thank you to Oscar’s Den for donating a huge array of quality and comedy good to keep us entertained while driving through England and France while tracking George and Mike on their epic adventure.  I’m not sure what French customs thought we were doing with a car of fancy dress and camping equipment but it’s probably why they searched us!  Again a MASSIVE thank you.


Vaseline and Strawberry Cream

vaselinestrawberry-368-p[ekm]300x225[ekm]Nip tape and chafe cream and blisters on blisters,
Bad knees and back pain, shoes with shock resisters,
Shin splints and sweaty socks, my face when it stings,
These are a few of my favourite things…..

This annoying parody was ploughing through my mind today like the tractor which nearly smashed Mike’s head clean off his neck as we huddled, terrified on a grassy divot centimetres from the A272 in the pouring rain.


Decapitation by tractor, not a fun way to go.

This wasn’t part of the deal. I knew we’d get lost, I knew we’d get a bit wet but I mean…come on! After having scaled a treacherous footpath up the South Downs, accidentally broken into a school and wandered the grounds like a pair of lost, lycra-clad perverts only to find ourselves trapped in the Amex Stadium, I thought perhaps the day’s tribulations were over.

We escaped the stadium by wriggling on the muddy floor under a barbed green gate and were confronted by the rain-water spraying, thunderous wheels of various large vehicles. We ventured tentatively along the 1-metre wide grass bank, avoiding brambles and stinging nettles by leaping into the road momentarily, then back onto the grass. Slow progress was made until eventually we reached a blind corner, unable to move forward, too scared to move back.

Not my leg, thanks to Vaseline and Strawberry moisturiser.

Not my leg, thanks to Vaseline and Strawberry moisturiser.

Needles to say we made it across the road, found a more hospitable path hidden behind the bracken, and hot-tailed it all the way to the briny sea. Crisis averted. We made it. I could lube myself up with vaseline and strawberry cream once more, chafing eased, mind settled.

Because no matter how hard it gets, how much of a struggle it seems, there is always a finish line for us. A place to relax and let the panic or pain (or both) subside. For some the pain is unavoidable and the struggle is one which will be lost. It’s for these people that we are doing this run, for all the people who have donated to the cause, and for all those who will.

Mad props to you all, and to those who have put us up for the night so far. We hit Dieppe tomorrow, from which point we plan to pound that pavement like 100 stories of 110% top speed terror like BAM! Fresh off the grease. Lots of love xxx



The Non-Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

Well, I did it. It was tough, but I’m proud to say…that I ate in a restaurant on my own for the first time. I feel an enormous sense of achievement and a life-long ambition has been realised.

Oh and I’ve run 38 miles in two days…

So two pints of ale (and chicken breast in white wine sauce) later, I find time to write my blog (trying not to look like a complete loner). It may look to innocent, hungry bystanders that I am frenetically texting people, trying to look busy, but as we now know, I’m creating a post of worth and of course, trying to look busy. I have turned down their kind offer of partaking in their Wednesday Night Quiz. Methinks a step too far on this evening of firsts.

I should mention at this point that I turned up at a fairly nice pub restaurant in my kit. My sweaty, 19 mile old kit. My clothes are with the support car, which will be joining me (along with George) in the morning. I only had limited room in my slimline backpack. Essentials included map, toiletries, water. Oh and iPad, jelly babies, those peanuts covered in chocolate, a pack of three Boost bars, Grace’s coat…So no room for clothes. Who really needs clothes when you go to a posh pub to eat? Oh, yeah…me….

I was waiting for someone to comment on my attire, having a pre-prepared retort that I could throw at them ‘I am running to Paris! It’s for charity! I have no clothes!’ but alas no one mentioned it. Such a waste of a pre-prepared retort!

Speaking of Grace…unfortunately my running mate can’t join me until tomorrow due to personal reasons, so we were lucky enough to have two very able, brave, slightly insane substitutes. Yesterday it was Mark who kept me company for all 19 miles and got me through Day One, taking us past the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, St James’ Park, Chelsea, Putney and then…Wimbledon.

Today was the turn of Grace to be my surrogate running partner. We too managed 19 miles along a varied route, only stopping occasionally to take pictures of llamas or to feed a couple of shetland ponies. We only got lost a couple of times and did run round a roundabout a few times waiting for the map app to catch up. Twas a good day.


So a big shout out to Mark and Grace for throwing themselves into the deep end of our challenge and caning a shed load of miles.

So, two days down and a mere nine to go! Day 3 I am joined by the amazing George and our equally amazing car support. Can’t wait!

Bring on Day 3!

Cheers (raising my pint of Old Speckled Hen) to you all.


Mike x

P.S. Random highlight of the day. A shopkeeper asks outright if we’re cycling to Brighton. Said shopkeeper then shakes my sweaty hand vigorously once he discovers that we are in fact not only running, but actually all the way to Paris. Kudos to him for not enquiring how we were planning to run across The Channel. Good man.



Poster Time! 2 Days To Go…